Bourbon County Fair and Fairgrounds in Fort Scott, Kansas

Join us for the 2020 Bourbon County Fair, July 11-18!


Contact Information

Please let us know how We’re here to answer your questions and to help you have a great experience at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds and all our events. Please let us know how we can help!

Bourbon County Fair Board Officers

  • President: Dale Griffiths 620-365-0555
  • Vice-President: Mark Crystal 620-224-9388
  • Secretary: Lynda Foster 620-768-9223
  • Assistant Secretary: David Foster 620-224-9433
  • Treasurer: Diane Brillhart 620-215-5939
  • Assistant Treasurer: Mark Brillhart 620-224-9717
  • Merchant Building Info, Camping & Storage: Allen Warren 620-224-7761
  • Grandstand Superintendent: Stewart Gulager 620-215-5302
  • Assistant Grandstand: Mark Leatherman 620-224-6461
  • Open Class Myers Building: Terri Williams 620-215-3202 or Jackie Warren 620-224-8161

Got a question? Give us a call at (620) 223-3455.

Bourbon County Fair Board
(620) 223-3455
2102 S Huntington Blvd
Fort Scott, KS 66701